Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM application suite

On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 18:31 -0700, Tristan O'Tierney wrote:
> what you fail to realize is by targeting this group,
> everyone benefits. even the people with tons of prior
> knowledge about computers. even the developers benefit
> when you target this group, because the end usability
> improvements trickle down to how much work you can get
> done per day, or at the very least, it reduces the
> amount of per-domain knowledge you need to accomplish
> a set of goals.

Which is exactly some of the UI has moved away from that mode (in fact
the calendars in 1.5 look more like iCal stuff than anything else).  We
do also have a product design team that is driving changes for us with
usability tests and such.  All these things are incremental in nature

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Novell, Inc.

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