[Evolution-hackers] Contact Editor UI changes

I've committed the mostly finished UI changes to e-contact-editor.c. It
works ok for me, but there are a few things still missing/broken:

- Read-only state doesn't disable all widgets.
- Some spewage on console.
- Some warnings on compile.
- Sometimes, the contact isn't loaded. I think this bug was there
  prior to the changes, it's just more frequent now (must be timing

Some notes on implementation:

- I can't preserve order for IM accounts, since they're stored in
  one list per service in the backend (order can be preserved per
  service, but not globally).

- I kept the dropdown lists for phone numbers, since the backend
  storage model didn't allow for treating them like e-mail
  addresses; the location/type for an e-mail address is set as a
  property of the address, but phone numbers are individual fields
  (i.e. you can only have one of each type).

  This is what I'm the most unhappy about, but I doubt we can do
  much to fix it without breaking data format compatibility. I guess
  making the dropdown lists regular optionmenus could be done,
  for visual consistency, though.

- When you edit a contact that has more e-mail addresses or IM 
  accounts than can be displayed, and save it, the invisible items
  will be dropped silently. Fixable, but not trivially so.

Let me know if you find other problems. I'll polish and test more later

Hans Petter

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