Re: [Evolution-hackers] HELP, question abount deleting a message in the message-list

Hi hackers,

Any help, especially ETree expert? The bug is suspected realted to the one that cause a lot of crashes in 1.5. Really a hot bug. Current solution seems a little inefficient. We wander
if there are better ones.


Eric Zhao wrote

  I have encounted a serious problem when fixing an A11Y(accessibility)
bug of gal-e-table. Hoping there is any guru who can help me.

  I found that when a message is deleted in the message-list of
evolution,  no signal but "e-tree-model-node-changed" signal is emitted.
But I can't get which row was just deleted with this signal's
imformation only. Actually, this signal contains *no* useful imformation
but that the e-tree has just been changed.
  Then I have to destory all the pre-created AtkObjects of e-cell and
re-created them according to the uptodated message-list's cell-data.
Obviously, this is a very inefficient operation.

  Maybe there is something missed by me in the e-tree-memory or e-tree
implementaion, so holp somebody can give me a hint. Any reply will be
very appreciated. Thanks!


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