[Evolution-hackers] Getting the calendar text from an ecal

Hi Guys,

How do you get the text for an entire calendar, rather than just
individual objects in the calendar.

The code below prints a calendar for each object, I just want one for the whole thing

What magic do I need?


-- code --
static char* get_calendar() {
        ECal *client;
        GList *obj_list = NULL;

        client = auth_new_cal_from_source(cal_source, cal_type);
	/* open the calendar */
        if (!e_cal_open(client, TRUE, NULL)) {
                g_warning("failed to open calendar");
                return NULL;

        if (e_cal_get_object_list (client, "#t", &obj_list, NULL)) {
                GList *l;
		/* loop over the objects */
                for (l = obj_list; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
                        g_warning("blah: %s", e_cal_get_component_as_string(client, l->data)); /* prints the text for test */
	/* we will work properly later, just return blank now */

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