Re: [Evolution-hackers] update on settings dialog

The bit that says "Esc key should dismiss the dialog (same as Close)" is inconsistant with other apps and has been discussed several times on the usability list, for e.g.:

...and also in the WONTFIXed HIG bug:



Anna M Dirks wrote:
Regards, all.

Jakub Steiner from my team has been working to prepare a document which describes the string and layout changes necessary to completely higify the 2.0 settings dialog. (His work is informed by Rodney's work on applying our outstanding hig patches; this is not a duplication of effort, it's a "taking stock of where we are".

A draft of Jakub's document is online, here:

And his associated work on glade files is here:

Modulo different instructions from JP, I'll turn Jakub's comments into bugs against the settings editor.


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