Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution Errors

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 11:17 -0500, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
> True.  I included the glade file to be helpful.  
> What's the best form for these messages to be in?  They're in a CSV file
> right now that I can easily convert to just about anything.  (Including
> simplistic patches.)  But if the two sets of text are going to be
> separate then maybe a patch isn't the best form at the moment.
> (BTW -- using separate strings for the primary text and the secondary
> text will certainly increase the number of strings to be translated and
> may make context less clear.  Maybe they should continue to be long
> strings?)

Sigh.  The main reason for not wanting to do this is it very tightly
integrates the strings with the code/library/version we're using to
display them.  If we decide to change the display format of the strings,
or decide to display them in a different manner, or log them to disk, or
all manner of other things, we now have hard-coded, pango-specific
strings we have to frob around with.

e.g. what if we've decided to just show the main error with a 'details'
expander?  We can't if we've gone and merged the strings in one.

Even some custom markup would be better, although more work.  e.g.

The other problem however is we actually need the api to support the
dual strings ... and since we don't, i guess we can do whatever, we
don't have much time either way.

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