[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes (Mar. 23rd)

1. JP

JP discussed work for Evolution 1.5.6 and EDS.  We continue with
the "top down" approach, we need to fix blockers followed by major and

JP discussed the bug goal that wasn't met (300 bugs).  General
discussion where it was decided to focus on more specific bug count
goals, so for April 6th the goals are: 4 showstoppers, 45 majors, 140

JP discussed the regressed features work:

a. Support for this and prior and this and future recurrences in the
Rodrigo (patch on the list)

c. Support for DnD in the calendar and addressbook
Larry (committed, removing from list)

e. Test suite for EDS calendar
Harish (Initial patches are in)

Toshok (only certificate authority dialogs remain)

g. Pilot syncing
JP (Initial review in progress)

h. Component information area
Anna (sending to list this week)

There is ones left to hand out:
a. Locking in the calendar backends

2. Team

Rodney: Higification, security fixes in QA

Tim: Testing of groupwise support, security fixes

Gerardo: Usual triaging, bug fixing

Jeff: Bug fixing (reviewing shell bugs)

Michael: Bug fixing

Hans: Bug fixing

Rodrigo: Recurrence work, alarm daemon

Chris: Bug fixing

Radek: Bug fixing

JP: Bug fixing, pilot syncing

Dan: Brainshare Presentation

Larry: Bug fixing

Siva: Group Wise addressbook work

Harish: Group Wise calendar work

Anna: Design work with her team

Guenther: back to mailing lists

Yuedong: a11y bug fixing (bad bug with GOK), assign a11y bugs directly
to Yuedong in bugzilla

3. Additional Business
JP and Christine discussed GNOME 2.6 dependencies still being worked out

JP, Tim, Christine, Jeff and Michael discussed testing of lock down,
will proceed in a couple of weeks.

JP re-emphasized blogging for the team.

Jeff commented on his new test IMAP client built in his spare time and
now in CVS.

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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