Re: [Evolution-hackers] Mailer and new-ui-branch

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 12:51 -0400, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> > I'd like keep the trunk working.  If we merge new-ui-branch now, then
> > the trunk will stop working (and not just mail will stop working,
> > calendar and addressbook will be in a sad state too), which might make
> > everyone waste a lot of time and let the trunk get out of control.
> I think we'll waste a lot of time making code work that is going to
> vanish.  But whatever, you're the boss.

What code are you talking about exactly?

all the glue code.

I thought the mail-refactor-branch was already in a working state.

> > Cool.  Can you get the translated name from Camel?
> Well camel wont, but you could get the string camel will use as a
> standard string that you can then translate externally.
> i.e. exactly the same way unmatched works.

The problem is that an external app won't know what the strings are in
advance, so it won't be able to provide the msgids for translations.

yes it will, they're part of the api.  i.e. exactly like unmatched.

> Anyway, I'll try to get it merged in by the end of the week now i've 
> been told.

It had always been the plan to merge things to HEAD in chunks.

> As for anti-spam stuff, we never came up with a concensus on that. 
> You want to tightly couple with spam-assassin, nobody else seems to
> think that's a long term solution.  It doesn't address server-applied
> spam filtering headers.  Jeff and I would like it to be pluggable. 
> You want a dumbed down ui anyone can use, I can't see how that can
> work without us doing our own system, and/or tightly coupling with a
> very specific version of some other tool, etc.

I would like to hear your plan then.

a pluggable spam system.

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