[Evolution-hackers] vFolder/Filter rule from message wizard

As discussed while I was in Boston, I think we should probably move away
from having 8 separate menu entries to create vFolders/filters and just
have 1 (or maybe 2?) menu entries that fire up a wizard.  It could also
be used for searches.

My guess is something like

	This assistant will let you create a blah blah blah

Page 1 (only if you have a single entry point)

	What do you want to create?

	[X] vFolder
	[ ] Filter
	[ ] Search

Page 2
	(embed the editor page for each type)
	Name [    ]

	Rules [   ]

Page 3 - vfolders only
	(possibly move the vfolder source list to this page, or don't 	have it
at all)

	"Which folders do you wish this vFolder to search", etc.


Something fairly simple/straightforward, nothing too complex.

This issue is totally separate from the issue of general rule editor
changes that might be nice to have.

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