[Evolution-hackers] couple things that I'd like to do

Sending mail instead of just doing them myself because they have affect
packaging/other people :)

1. Rev the openldap dependency to >= 2.1.22

openldap.org currently shows 2.1.22 as the stable/release version. 
There's really no reason for us to be using a release that for all
intents and purposes can be referred to as "historical" :)

2. Put AM_DISABLE_STATIC in the configure.in

There's no reason for us to build anything statically anymore.  It slows
down the build tremendously (ar/ranlib are slooooow).  Danw found that
the only things actually being used in static library form are the
pas/pcs backends..  Those don't have to be static, do they?  It would
also fix bug 292, heh.


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