Re: [Evolution-hackers] Offline stuff

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 08:10, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

I have restored the offline stuff in the shell.  The interface
(Evolution::Offline) is the same as it was before, although now there is
no more syncFolder() method since it's up to the component to sync the

So, to recap, now the following things need to happen:

      * Components need to provide an implementation for the CORBA
        Evolution::Offline interface and add_interface() it to the
        Component object.  In particular, the mailer already has the
        code for this, I think it needs to be hooked up again though.

      * Components must start up offline.  The shell will put them
        online if needed once the initialization sequence is finished. 
        (This hasn't changed, it was the same in 1.4, but the mail
        component now starts online no matter what since the Offline
        interface was missing and it wouldn't have worked otherwise...)

      * There is no centralized "offline folders" configuration anymore,
        so we need something in the mailer to handle that if we still
        want it to be configurable.
I saw in mozilla this is done as a property on the folder properties dialogue, on each folder.  I wonder if we should do that?  Or still have a separate page?

We dont have any property thing done yet, although i started working on one.  It would make things simple and hide the clutter from the main config page.

Also, we had talked about revamping the mailer's way of doing
offline...  Now I don't know how far are we with that, but I think it
should just do this:

      * Sync folders in the background while Evolution is online.
Sort of done.  There's an option to sync immediately which does this.  You can still use the maile rwhile its happening but there isn't any priority scheduling or anything so it would probably bog down (i haven't tested it really heavily).

      * When going offline, if there are unsynced messages, the mailer
        should notify the user ("you have unsynced messages, go offline
        anyways?") and stop the download if the user confirms.  This way
        the user doesn't have to plan in advance to sync the messages
        before putting the computer offline.
Will that have to be done in each component or in the shell?

This hasn't been discussed in a while though, so I am not sure what the
state of things is in the mailer with this...  Someone please englighten
me.  :-)  Are we still going in that direction or do we want to keep it
more similar to how it was for now?

-- Ettore
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