[Evolution-hackers] Debugging Evolution

Hi!  I'm new to this list.  First post and all that. :-)
I did read the list archives before posting.  I didn't see anything I
could use.  Maybe I missed it?

I've been having problems with Evolution 1.4.5 (and previous versions
too) crashing with apparently random segmentation faults.  This only
seems to be a serious problem on my dual processor system.  Single
processer seems to be pretty stable.  This leads me toward thinking it's
a threading problem: incorrect locking somewhere.

I'd like to debug this.  I've compiled Evolution with -g, but when it
crashes I only get that Gnome bug report dialog.  This 1.4.5 version
doesn't seem to use a separate evolution-mail process/thread, so it's
hard to figure what PID I should be attaching to.

I'm willing to run the CVS code if you think it'll help.  I'm looking
for any debugging hints that you'd be willing to share.

Zan Lynx <zlynx acm org>

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