Re: [Evolution-hackers] compile evolution-calendar.idl

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 22:01, Andrei Schiop wrote:
> hello,
> when trying to generate  evolution-calendar.idl with the following command:
>     idlj -fclient evolution-calendar.idl, the following error occurs:
> Bonobo.idl (line 11):  Expected one of `<literal>' `('; encountered
> `<identifier>'.
> #if !defined(__BONOBO_COMPILATION) && defined(__ORBIT_IDL__)
that's a pre-processor command, so if that idlj does not support that,
pre-process the idl file before handing it over idlj. You can do that
with cpp.

I dont know if that works, but I guess it should. But then you'll find
other problems, since evolution-calendar.idl uses Bonobo IDL interfaces,
so you'll have to let idlj know where those files are.


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