[Evolution-hackers] Re: wombat and java

Hi Andrei,

I'm not sure this was me, or if it was, i've completely forgotten about it (i work on the mail part, not addressbook).

I've forwarded this post to evolution-hackers, and I suggest you join that list (see http://lists.ximian.com/) to continue the discussion.


PS helps if i actually cc evolution-hackers

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 10:15, Andrei Schiop wrote:
i read some posts of yours regarding the java access to evolution 
addressbook and calendar via bonobo.

now, i am trying to do the same things basically and i would be 
interested if you succeeded.
you accessed (from java) the addressbook and calendar (of evolution) via 
bonobo interfaces?

my problem is that i should access those and send the data to a web server.

is the communication possible in both directions (i mean is it possible 
to update the addressbook and calendar with info I receive from my web 

the idl files provide all necessary methods?
if you could help me i would appreciate.



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