Re: [Evolution-hackers] Which version of NSS and NSPR are evolution HEAD using?

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 09:52, Chris Toshok wrote:
This part is particularly troubling:

> PSM won't be able to use the shared libraries in NSS 3.2 because some
> of the NSS internal functions used by PSM won't be exported by the
> shared libraries. We plan to address this issue soon (in NSS 3.3 or
> 3.4).

I'm not aware of what functions they mean, but it's quite possible this
will affect the certificate manager UI we're writing as well.
They do have a list of specific functions which are part of the public api and are meant to be available from release to release, we could(should?) check against that.

i.e. (from 3.4 which i guess is when the api froze)

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