[Evolution-hackers] SMTP , maybe OT

hi all,

since i am subscribed only to evolution-hackers, i post my problem here. I appologise if this disturbs the memebers of list.

So, i am having an evolution 1.2 ( from RH 9 ) which i use regularly. Last Friday it happened somthing that i don't understand. I have send an email around 12am, then at 5 pm i wanted to send another one. But, surprise, the email did not get thru. I got the message : No recipients defined. I took a second look into my email message, it was correct , the receiver was there. Then i started a series of investigation, and i did a tcpdump on the evolution<->smtpserver communication. It seems that the evolution sends the HELO then the MAIL FROM: but then it fails in camel-smtp-transport.c to check for recipients :

if (!recipients) {
		camel_exception_setv (ex, CAMEL_EXCEPTION_SYSTEM,
				      _("Cannot send message: "
					"no recipients defined."));
		return FALSE;

And this happened without any changes of any kind in my system...I did an update, the same behaviour.
What could possibly happen? How could the recipients dissapear?

Tommorow i will check this in detail, please tell me what kind of debug data you need.

Thanks for listening,
Costin Cozan

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