Re: [Evolution-hackers] misc. evo. requirements ...

Hi Michael,

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 06:03, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	Nat asked me to put together some of the things that are wanted for
> OO.o (and Java) from evolution:

Thanks for this list; it is actually quite what I expected.  In fact,
these issues are already on my list of things to be fixed in the next
major release.

This is going to be our general direction:

      * Greatly minimize the amount of work that the shell does.  This
        will make it possible to launch components independently, and
        dramatically simplify any integration tasks.

      * Export the list of configured accounts and folders through GConf
        and some public APIs.

      * Improve the backend APIs (Camel, cal-client, ebook) and commit
        to ABI compatibility so that any apps can use them.

This should address all the requirements you listed, plus some...  :-)

> 	* Efficient create composer API - preferably without
> 	  loading the whole shell / thrunging beast :-) for
> 	  'Mail to'

In my current vision of how things will work activating the shell will
be very quick (just a round trip to bonobo-activation to get the list of
available components, without the need to activate them until they are
needed).  Also, we can make it so mailer doesn't have to load the all
the folders when invoked in this fashion.

This should remove all the overhead we have now and result in very good
performance for the mailto: case.

-- Ettore

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