Re: [Evolution-hackers] picky libdb3 requirements

A long time ago (when 3.1.17 was fairly new) we fixed on that version,
since there have been many problems with sleepycat upgrading its db
format in incompatible ways between minor revisions.  This won't affect
people that always use newer libdb's but several people lost their
addressbook after downgrading libdb.

The requirement will be upped before 1.6 to something more current,
unless I can get rid of the libdb requirement altogether (a much more
attractive solution in my mind).


On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 16:26, C.J. Collier wrote:
> Hey all.  Is this a bug?
> checking db3 header version... configure: error: Found db.h is not
> version 3.1.17
> karma:/home/cjcollier/src/cvs/evolution# dpkg -l | grep libdb3-dev
> ii  libdb3-dev     3.2.9-18       Berkeley v3 Database Libraries
> [development]
> Why won't 3.2.9 work?  Is there something specific to 3.1.17?  If there
> is, who do I complain to? :)
> C.J.
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