Re: [Evolution-hackers] Inline PGP/GPG support

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 23:29, Thomas Luzat wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been reading through some of the archives and been STFW whether
> there is any inline PGP support in Evolution and found nothing positive
> but that there was some orphaned and broken support for it in older
> versions. My questions are:
> 1) Are there any unofficial patches hidden somewhere?

none that we know of...

> 2) Is anybody currently working on such support?

a few people have offered only to never be heard from again. (Dark
mysterious forces at work here? No one knows!)

> 3) Would a patch to do that get accepted/is it a wanted feature?

assuming the code:

1) is not extremely buggy
2) isn't sloppy (ie, it won't be a nightmare for us to maintain if you
disappear off the face of the earth)
3) doesn't break abstractions
4) correctly implements the feature and addresses all the concerns
documented for this feature

and assuming that you give us copyright assignment, I see no reason your
patch wouldn't be acepted into the main branch.

> I might spend some time trying to implement that if there is a chance to
> get it integrated, because that's one of the really annoying points -
> actually, _the_ annoying point ;) - about Evolution.
> Any non-obvious and possibly obvious pointers to get started with
> Evolution development and hints for the implementation are welcome.

you will likely want to read the documentation on this feature in bugs
#17540 and #17541 in


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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