[Evolution-hackers] Emergency: why "evolution-addressbook-export" is not in the evolution 1.4 (pre-) release?

Hi, Ettore and Michael

  It is a great step to get evolution1.4 (Pre-) released.

  But unfortunately, I could not find the "evolution-addressbook-export"
in the released rpm package -- evolution-1.3.92-0.ximian.6.3.i386.rpm
for redhat 9 and evolution-1.3.92-0.ximian.5.3.i386.rpm for redhat 8.
I also checked the source codes tarball "evolution-1.3.92.tar.gz" for
"developer.ximian.com" and found all the source codes for the tool are
in it. 
  As we know, the tool "evolution-addressbook-export"  actually acts as
the CLI connector for staroffice/openoffice sdbc-addressbook and
evoluton contacts. If it is not installed, then staroffice/openoffice
can not access evolution's contacts. 

  I wonder what is the reason for  it is not packaged in? need more
testing? The final release is coming soon and I really hope that all
end-users instead of the only ones who install our release can benefits
from the new feature. 

Best Regards

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