Re: [Evolution-hackers] S/MIME support

> On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 13:44, Jacob Perkins wrote:
>> Why not use gpgme and gpgsm?  gpgme's abstraction works over gpgsm and
>> gnupg (and maybe more in the future), so implementing s/mime with gpgme
>> could also make the pgp code simpler.  There is a working plugin for
>> KMail
>> which uses gpgme/gpgsm, and balsa and sylpheed both use gpgme for pgp
>> support.  The existing interfaces could still be kept, only the backend
>> code would have to be changed.
> 2 words:
> licensing issues :-)
> we can't use gpgme because it is GPL.
> Jeff

Sorry if this is stupid, but I don't understand:
evolution is GPL, and gnupg/gpgsm is GPL. Is the only reason gpg can be
used is because the code is not directly linked?
If gpgme was LGPL, would you use it? The gpg people had reason to release
libgcrypt under LGPL, so I think if it was requested, and a company like
Ximian could get behind it, and even sponsor[1] development, they might
consider it for gpgme too. gpgme aims to be, and I believe should be, the
standard interface for pgp and cms(s/mime) support.  Plus, it might allow
for easier integration of evolution with seahorse[2] in the future.

[2] Bonobo controls for key properties in the address book, global
(corba/bonobo) pgp/cms contexts, common passphrase entry dialog, more?
These are just ideas right now, though I would be happy to discuss them
more with those interested.

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