Re: [Evolution-hackers] Settings crash on OpenBSD

On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 01:45, Marc Matteo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm the port maintainer for Evolution on OpenBSD.  Recently Evolution
> 1.2.1 started crashing when accessing the "Tools:Settings..." menu under
> OpenBSD-current.  Since this used to work fine, and nothing in Evolution
> changed, I'm blaming this on something changing in OpenBSD.  There have
> been several changes to OpenBSD-current recently that are probably to
> blame, but still I need help to figure out why Evolution is now acting
> up.
> Here's what I think is going on.  Evolution is segfaulting in
> e_table_memory_clear and it's probably because *etmm is null.  My
> question is, where's does *etmm (in this case) come from and why might
> it be null if it's not supposed to be?  
> I'm including the console output of a crash and a backtrace for your
> enjoyment.

This may be a big shot in the dark, but this looks suspiciously like a
bt I saw on FreeBSD -CURRENT recently.  The problem here was changes in
the OS's compiler and toolchain.  I had to upgrade _all_ my ports
(especially ORBit) to get Evo working again.  I'm not sure if OpenBSD
had similar changes, but if you haven't rebuilt some of the less
frequently Chaning GNOME 1.4 bits, you might give it a try, and see if
that helps.


Joe Marcus Clarke
FreeBSD GNOME Team	::	marcus FreeBSD org

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