[Evolution-hackers] NNTP cross-posting


A question about the NNTP support bounty: the bounty description mentions cross-posting to NNTP folders and e-mail addresses. I guess this means you will need to be able to see both the "To" and "Post-To" headers, so I added menu items to toggle the display of these headers. However, this gets pretty messy with respect to the visible_mask code in headers_set_visibility which assumes that for posting a message you only (and always) want to see the PostTo header, and for composing a normal e-mail message you only (and always) want to see the To header? How should this be implemented? I guess the easiest way would be to remove the visible_mask altogether...

And another thing: how about posting to multiple newsgroups at the same time? The current folder selection widget only allows you to select one folder at a time. Is posting to multiple newsgroups a priority (and if so, how should it look?), or can it wait?

-- meilof wanadoo nl

PS. My latest NNTP patch, patch 9 at the moment, can be downloaded from http://home.wanadoo.nl/meilof/. It has support for logging in using AUTINFO now. I /could/ try to implement those other login methods IMAP also has (kerberos, etc.), but I don't have a news server to throw them at to test them, so that would become difficult.

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