[Evolution-hackers] Is this a locking bug?

I think I found a locking bug in e-util/e-memory.c.  This bug, if it is
this bug, has been crashing Evolution on me several times a day when
running on a SMP system.  I patched it, and Evolution hasn't crashed
yet, so I'm posting it.

I'm not sure if the lock needs to include the e_mempool_flush or not.  I
just tried to follow the locking in e_mempool_new.

This is Evolution 1.4.5, compiled on Gentoo.  

Here is the patch:
--- /tmp/e-memory.c	2003-12-29 00:07:18.691690575 -0700
+++ e-util/e-memory.c	2003-12-28 22:05:51.000000000 -0700
@@ -534,10 +534,16 @@
 void e_mempool_destroy(MemPool *pool)
+	g_static_mutex_lock(&mempool_mutex);
 	if (pool) {
 		e_mempool_flush(pool, 1);
 		e_memchunk_free(mempool_memchunk, pool);
+	g_static_mutex_unlock(&mempool_mutex);

Zan Lynx <zlynx acm org>

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