[Evolution-hackers] Shell cleanup and missing bits in components


I have removed a bunch of code that is not supposed to be used in the
shell anymore, namely evolution-storage, e-folder and friends.

This exposed a bunch of places where the components were still using
this stuff, so for now I have #if 0ed the code out.  (It didn't work

So, here are the places where we need to redo the calendar/addressbook
selection so it uses the ESourceList stuff:

      * addressbook-config.c
      * e-select-names*
      * eab-gui-utils.c (eab_transfer_contacts)
      * e-itip-control.c

These are the pieces of the mailer that need to switch to the new folder
selection widgetry:

      * e-msg-composer-hdrs.c (the "post to folder" functionality)
      * mail-importer.c (I have just removed this from the build for

You should probably check my ChangeLog / diff for the changes I have
made to make sure I didn't accidentally break anything in the process.

-- Ettore

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