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Thank you for your comments.

On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 03:23, Alex Jiang wrote:
I am now working on i18n issues of evolution.

There are several things I think we should do to improve the i18n
performace of evolution.
First, c the patch for bug 40519. which make sure whenever we call
iconv, there is a charset(locale_charset for default), so a uniform manner is applied.

I don't like this patch.
OK , I c what you mean. However, I've checked almost all the e_iconv calles in gal/evolution,
I will try to not touch e_iconv... things, but add necessary things on the
application-level. (I mean, add more if (charset == NULL), charset = e_iconv_locale_charset())

1) US-ASCII does not ever need to be passed in to iconv(), and so
therefor e_iconv_charset_name() is perfectly fine returning NULL.
Yes, since the funtion returns NULL, there shall be hidden problem.
There are codes like "
if (iconv_open(to, from) == (iconv_t)-1) {
g_warning("%s%s ...", to, from);
}", which may lead to core dumps.
It's kind of style or philosophy things, however, I respect your original style, and I shall make
patches on application only.

2) (e_iconv_init): The second parameter of setlocale() from NULL to "".

does passing NULL cause it to crash on Solaris? or what is the reasoning
for this change? If it is to prevent a crash or something, I'm fine with
In fact, I don't understand why call setlocale with NULL. In manual, the consequent behavior
is not defined.

3) I don't see why you want to always set the locale charset. if the
default locale charset is just going to be US-ASCII (which is what it
HAS to be), what difference does it make? Just leave it as NULL.

4) I also don't think we should do a default locale_lang. First, we
don't even use it yet - but that is irrelevant. The reason I left it
NULL is that it will be useful in the composer in that we will clearly
see that the user does not have a locale language setup - and therefor
we should skip setting a lang on the message (or prompt the user or
something, which we should maybe do anyway).
OK for (3) and (4)

5) No need to have e_iconv_charset_guess() so that e_iconv_init() can
parse it and construct a iconv-friendly name for it because it should
ALREADY be in whatever form the system's iconv() will want. Besides,
e_iconv_open() will always pass both to/from charsets into
e_iconv_charset_name() and so even if we use the locale_charset value,
it will still be transformed into the iconv-friendly charset name.
I am to just make it more elegant(each occurence of camel lib call(), will always generate iconv_friendly charset name. while, I don't think it's nessary fro e_iconv_open() to call e_iconv_charset_name()
again. However, again I respect your paradigm.

Secondly, display charset should be stored in gconf(for each
folder(vfolder?)). Or, when we change the display charset, functions like process_header()/header_decode_string() will not be affected(and it's not easy to pass the chosen charset to them), which may lead to bug 40521 . i.e. those multibyte subject/sender... which not following rfc2047, will not be readable(But this happens very often)

I don't understand your proposal here?

OKay, when there is a multibyted subject or sender ...(broken mailer), even we chose a right display charset, the mail will be reparsed. However, the mail header, processed by process_header()...
will not be affected by the rechose charset.

As to NotZed's comment, the subject is already wrongly converted from a wrong charset to utf-8, what can I do with display. The best and most elegant way is to pass display charset to everywhere,
but perhaps that is worse.

Third, when we open evolution twice in different locale, the summary
file will not be rebuilt.
So, improperly converted subject/title will remain unreadable. One
possibly runnable way is to make summary in a "mbox.ev-summary.gb2312","mbox.ev-summary.en" way. But the final solution is that we be ablet ot change the summary file when we change the charset of a mail (c the next item) or of a folder.

No. This is The Wrong Way (tm) to fix it. the mbox.ev-summary files
store everything in UTF-8 so there only ever has to be ONE.

When converting from other encoded charset to UTF-8, the charset is wrong. the suffix is
just a suggestion of using what charset to convert to UTF-8.
It's an intermedia solution, but I hope you understand what I mean.

The only solution here is to ban people from using broken crap mailers
that don't set the charset(s) correctly. :-)

: -). Dear Jeffery, many many mailers do not follow rfc2047 in process headers. Including some mail servers used by IBM and other big companies. This is so often, in us, mutlibyte charset

it should be possible to change the code to render the message header
block in the "preview pane" according to the user's picked charset (if
it doesn't already) by grabbing the raw headers from the mesage object I
suppose? kinda yuck, but oh well.

changing the message-list is not doable.
OK. but the summary file is just to speedup the listing things...

Fouth, we should be able to madatorily change the charset of a single
mail. so perhaps a UI method will be introduces first(e.g. when we change the charset in the mail window, the mail's charset will be changed, while we change in the folder view, folder charset will be affected). Perhaps, to keep the wholesome of the summary file, a user-defined tag in the CamelMessageInfo struture will be used to define the charset of a single mail.

I don't really like this idea...
Even malformed mails are using different charsets. Storing mandatory charset somewhere is a sooner or
later thing.

I believe with these steps, the i18n problems now exist in evolution
will be finally solved. (By now, I haven't touch gtkhtml, so for bug 40520, I don't know why). It really needs a lot of work, so before I make any patches, I hope to receive your kind suggestions.

I'll let the gtkhtml guys make comments about this.


Thanks a lot.

Alex Jiang

Best wishes

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