[Evolution-hackers] evolution build dependency updates

evolution-mail now requires a very up-to-date (since last night)
gtkhtml. (It mostly only needs it for display code changes, but it
will actually fail to compile without it because of a minor
GtkHTMLEmbedded change.)

The shell may require an up-to-date bonobo... Ettore wasn't clear if
you only need the new bonobo if you want the bugfix or if the
interfaces actually changed. (This makes the show/hide shortcuts/tree
menu items toggle correctly.) Anyway, if the shell doesn't build,
update your bonobo.

Also, NotZed fixed a bug in the gdk-pixbuf jpeg renderer that could
make it exit on bad data, which you'll want at some point. You don't
need to get this now, but if you're having rebuilding fun this morning
anyway, why not? :)

And in the even less necessary department, if you have a recent
gnome-vfs installed (it may need to be in the same prefix as
gnome-libs), then Evolution will identify attachments as things like
"MP3 audio" rather than "audio/x-mp3". Ooh. Ahh. At some point,
evolution will be depending on up-to-date gnome-vfs... but not today.

-- Dan

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