[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] Evolution "Prokaryote" 0.0 has been released

Simple Solution:

Choose 'Plain Text' as the default. There will need to be some 'first 
time use' anyway (well at least for setting up your mail 'account' (i.e. 
type your name, mail address, etc.) - This could be the last step or 
something :)

Oh - also - lets stop this silly large CC list (I'm sure ettore is 
not happy about getting three copies of this mail (unless he has some 
sort of filter on)

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Sergio A. Kessler wrote:

> Ali Abdin <ALIABDIN aucegypt edu> el día Thu, 11 May 2000 16:56:32 +0300, 
> escribió:
> >Asking upon 'first use' is a good idea.
> i don't think asking is such a tremendous good idea, suppose
> the question is something like:
> "In what format do you want to send your emails ?
> (o) HTML 
>        [ok]
> a newbie user will paralize for a few seconds with the mind in white,
> and followed act they will hit [ok]
> sergio

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