Evince in Maemo Platform - Preliminary Patch

Hi all,

Attached to this email there are to patches: the first one contains the modifications to be applied against evince and the second one to be applied to /usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml inside scratchbox.

   To have evince working on maemo platform, follow the steps:

   1. Compile and install ghostscript and poppler.

2. gnome-doc-utils dependency. I could not compile the last CVS version due libxslt and libxml dependencies so i tried to install the debian package provided by ubuntu. Install fails, but somehow evince configure script does not bother about this package anymore. (???)

   3. Apply the patch 2  (patch -p0 < freedesktop.org.xml.diff)

   4. run "update-mime-database /usr/share/mime"

   5. cd to evince directory.

   6. Apply the patch 1 to evince (patch -p0 < evince_maemo.patch)

   7. run autogen.sh with --enable-hildon option.

   8. make && make install.

   9. cd to /usr/share/mime/packages

   10. run evince with "run-standalone.sh evince"

   TODO Items:

1. Create stock icons to Rotate Right/Left and View Fullscreen/Presentation actions and insert these actions to the toolbar.

2. Reformulate properties/password dialogs to make them fit in the 770 reduced screen.

    Thank you all in advance for the feedback.

Eduardo de Barros Lima
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
eduardo lima indt org br

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