Re: continuous browsing (was Re: 2 main features remaining)


Le vendredi 29 avril 2005 à 02:09 +0200, Martin Lučka a écrit :
> okey, i installed things (like libgnome...) from sid and compiled the new  
> 0.2.1 of evince ... i don't see this feature

I don't see "continuous browsing" used in the same sense as in Acrobat
Reader (if you scroll down a page you begin to see the next page).
However, PageDown has always worked for me, and I rarely use my mouse
for browsing. Does it work for you ?

> And now have I problem with šžť chars from my  
> language but maybe this is the problem of debian sid libgnome...

Well, I can't type them, but I can seen them, and I can type many
"weird" characters (€øðÐß»µþ), so I suppose the gnome libs work well.
Maybe it's a locale problem, are you using unicode or an iso-8859-x
one ? And what is your problem exactly, that you can't type those
characters, or that you don't see them ?


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