Hey, all-

(Cross-posting to two relevant lists; sorry that they don't both share
use of - hope this
might convince some fun ephy people to sign up and play with gimmie ;)

This is a trend I detest, but it is happening to me anyway- I'm
getting more and more apps that happen to be web pages, like google
mail, google calendar, and basecamp. They are apps, and I interact
with them like apps, not like documents or locations, but they don't
show up in my applications menus (either in traditional panel or in
gimmie.) I'd like to be able to trivially add them to my application
menu somehow, either from the browser or from gimmie, but I'm not sure
what interaction model to propose for that. Anyone have any
suggestions on how that should be done (or how it can be done now and
I'm missing it?)

Thanks in advance-

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