Re: Compiling Epiphany 2.14.0


Le lundi 20 mars 2006 à 19:24 +1100, Charles Widdis a écrit :
> I'm having some challenges in compiling Epiphany (v2.14.0) which I'm
> sure is just because I'm an idiot.
> I've running a fresh install of SUSE 10.0 with GNOME 2.12.0.  Out of
> the box it YAST installs Epiphany 1.8.0, which I'm growing to prefer
> over FireFox.  The search for an RSS extension led me to download the
> latest extensions package, but trying to install that didn't work...
> it needs a newer version of Epiphany.
> So that brings me to now... just running a simple ./compile stops at
> the following error:
> checking whether we have a gtk 2 gecko build... configure: error: This
> program needs a gtk 2 gecko build
> This doesn't make sense to me as I've got a relatively recent version
> of Mozilla (v.1.7.12) and the latest FireFox (1.50).  Using the
> command "./configure --with-gecko=firefox" only results in the same.

This could be because there's trouble compiling any program using the
gecko libraries. The configure run should have produced a config.log
file, which should have more information (search for the "gtk 2 gecko
build message).


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