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Hello James,

On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, James Clark wrote:

Selecting 'view source' in epiphany is causing gnome to try to open the
file in real player.  Gnome is set up to open all relevant file types in

That is very curious, to say the least.

Am I correct in assuming epiphany is just handing the file to gnome and letting it figure out how to open it?

Yes. Although there is a bug open to make this behaviour more configurable.

Any thoughts out there on why this might be happening/where I should look to fix this?

You may want to look at the MIME type that the web server is sending. Try to fetch the file you want to view with wget, it will show the MIME type. If it really is [text/html] you may want to look under ~/.local if you can find anything of relevance.

As a workaround, you can type 'view-source:' in front of the URL you want to view the source of. Epiphany will show the source in the browser window itself.


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