Re: Of tags and topics

On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 14:18 +1300, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> On Mar 6, 2006, at 10:18 AM, Peter Harvey wrote:
> > ...
> > For example, Matthew once mentioned that topics should be created
> > automatically from what the user types,
> No, I said *keywords* should be entered automatically from what people 
> type. :-) I don't think Epiphany should have topics at all.

Ah, ok. :) Then we're in agreement that keywords/tags should be
auto-created. We aren't in agreement that Epiphany should have
topics. :)

The problem I have is that no structure can be inferred from tags. Tags
can be anything at all, important or unimportant. Topics are those
particular things that are important about the object and that the user
wants to be presented with to find an object again. A more detailed
blurb on topics is on my page describing the hierarchical bookmark menu.
What interface would you propose instead if we just had tags/keywords?

Note that I don't like the term "keywords" to replace "tags" as they
need not be "key" at all. In real life we use the term "tag" to refer to
all sorts of labels for objects (prices, warnings, sizes, etc). Perhaps
"labels" would be a better term? But not keen on "keywords".


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