Re: Of tags and topics

ma, 2006-03-06 kello 08:18 +1100, Peter Harvey kirjoitti:

> We struggled enough as it is with
> the topic entry for the next Epiphany release, so I'd like to see
> applications work together on this. Even if they don't standardise on a
> single user interface, they should at least standardise on some
> behaviours. :)

It would be great if you could find something that other projects would
agree on.

> For example, Matthew once mentioned that topics should be created
> automatically from what the user types, whereas I argue they should need
> an explicit "create new topic" action. Looking at my definitions I can
> agree that tags should operate as Matthew suggested, but still think
> topics should operate how I suggested.

I actually spent some time looking for the "create new topic" button :-)

I'm sorry if you have already said this and I missed it, but I suppose a
topic could be same as a tag (or one of the tags)?

> The end result is that tags can be used for exploring when you don't
> know what you're looking for exactly, and topics are used for navigating
> when you do.

Would you have two interfaces for navigating (or have them combined
somehow)? I was just thinking today while I was searching for a
bookmark/topic I knew I had somewere, that it would be good if one was
able to use both the hierarchial structure and the tags/keywords. The
idea came propably from one of your posts. Do you have a tree structure
in mind when you talk about topics here. By definition, if there's a
label that clearly comes to your mind first when you think of an object,
then there's no reason not to put it in a tree structure, as the main
problem with tree structures is that some objects could be placed into
two or more branches. Perhaps you could have a tree structure for some
of the objects and have tags for them all.


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