Re: Core and UI Separation

Esben Stien wrote:
It would be nice if the core was implemented as a daemon, then you
could connect from different clients to the core and still see your
open tabs and their history, etc.

Actually, that segues nicely into something I thought would be a cool feature - persisting an Epiphany session information for the length of a GNOME login session instead of as long as there is an Epy window open. This would be good for per-session logins (both cookie and HTTP auth -based) to webapps.

For example, I often have to clear spam out of mailman lists using its web interface. I do this several times a day, but I will have to re-login if I happen to have closed all of Epy's windows after the last time, which is both odd and annoying.

I for one welcome our web browser daemon overlords.


Michael Gratton, <>
You do not see that here.

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