Re: [Usability] Some Small Suggestions (...)

On 1/11/06, Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:

Hello Sarah,

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:02:22 -0500, Sarah Berry wrote:

> 4.  One final usability issue I wish to raise pertains to saving graphics
> in web pages.  The right-click and "save as" method has never struck me as
> particularly intuitive.  A few days ago, I opened a number of thumbnails
> graphics out across different tabs.  I then had to go to each tab and
> successively right-click and save them.  This struck me as unintuitive and
> extremely tedious.  Could therebe an option to "save all graphics" on a
> site?  Secondly, if I have pages open across multiple tabs, could there be
> an option to "save all" open sites?  I have used Konqueror, Firefox and
> Epiphany and not found such an option in any of these.

Thanks for your feedback! I have forwarded your comment to the Epiphany
mailing list. It is quite likely that an epiphany extension could help out
with this particular issue; there is a extension called Image Toolbar
under development that could be used for this when it is finished.

Do you think that your use case occurs often enough for a majority of
users to warrant inclusion in the main browser? If yes, could you work out
the scenario a little bit? (i.e., in what circumstances does an average
user find himself in need of such a feature?*)

kind regards,

Reinout van Schouwen

*) Excluding the cases where using p0rnzilla would be a better idea anyway...


For all the time i have used GNOME, a simple drag 'n drop of any image i needed from a page did the trick. However, it can't be trivial to create a mozilla extension that fulfils these tasks if it isn't already existent.


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