Re: Extensions

On Sun, 2005-10-02 at 10:31 +0100, Raeth wrote:
> Firstly, is there an extension that can block adverts, like Firefox's adblock?

Yes, there's an experimental "adblock" extension which behaves very much
like Firefox's. But there's a Mozilla bug that makes it crash on exit,
so you'll have to compile it yourself with the
"--enable-extensions" ./configure switch. After enabling it you'll have
to restart Epiphany, too.

> Secondly, I see a Greasemonkey installed, however when I install a
> user script, it has no effect, and I can find no way of viewing my
> installed scripts and altering the settings.

There's no user interface for viewing/altering scripts, so you'll have
to use a text editor. Scripts are installed as regular files in
~/.gnome2/epiphany/extensions/data/greasemonkey and are named after
their originating URLs. Changes to user scripts are applied immediately:
you don't need to restart Epiphany, you just need to refresh the web

I realize both the adblock and greasemonkey extensions need some work,
but I just haven't had the time lately. They're both kinda

Adam Hooper <adamh densi com>

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