Re: Getting "Open" instead of "Download" for a Mime-type

On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 05:08 -0500, Dave Ahlswede wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out how Epiphany decides whether to offer the
> Download or Open action in the file downloader dialog-- Specifically,
> I'm trying to get it to open a .torrent file (gnomevfs-info from the
> command line on the URL identifies it as application/x-bittorrent, and I
> do have a mime handler set up for it)
> Is it a property in the .desktop files, or is it somewhere else?

Usually when it does the wrong thing it's because the web server isn't
serving it up as application/x-bittorrent. The web server is probably
sending you an application/octet-stream.

As you were guessing, Epiphany follows your GNOME preferences to decide
whether to open files. But it gets the MIME type from the web server and
not from the file itself (since it hasn't downloaded the file before it
makes its decision). There is a staggering number of badly configured
web servers out there.

There's nothing you can do about that. When you download .torrents from
that particular web server, you have to save them to disk.

You can verify I'm not completely off-base by looking at the response
when you put your URL into or a similar service.
It just requests a web page from a web server and displays the response

Adam Hooper <adamh densi com>

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