Epiphany Extensions 1.5.6


* What is it ?

Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensions for Epiphany, the
GNOME web browser.

Epiphany Extensions 1.5.6 is the latest release for use with the
development 1.5 series of Epiphany for GNOME leading up to GNOME 2.10.

* What's new ?

Epiphany Extensions 1.5.6

New extensions

        * 'Find' extension adds a find-bar.
          This extension is experimental and will crash or hang your browser.
        * 'Tab-States' extensions


        * Build extensions modules as not versioned DSO
        * Hook adblock extension onto "check-content" signal
        * Adapt to Mozilla API change
        * Fix a small memory leak
        * Removed prefs dialogue from smart-bookmarks extension
        * Work-in-progress: huge refactoring of adblock
        * Fix builddir != srcdir build
        * Use pcre instead of pcreposix. Check for utf-8 support, too
        * Implement EphyExtension attach_window/detach_window interface in page-info ext
        * Adapt to Epiphany API changes

Contributors to this release: Adam Hooper, Tomasz Kłoczko, Christian Persch,
Jean-François Rameau, and the translators Frank Arnold (de) and Takeshi AIHANA (ja).

* Where can I get it ? 

Source code:

a27e5b48bd901b8a4ba2a169190180fe9b61366f  epiphany-extensions-1.5.6.tar.bz2

Epiphany Extensions 1.5.6 requires Epiphany 1.5.5 or above:



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