using 32-bit binaries on x86_64 system

After upgrading to an Athlon 64 machine, and reinstalling to a x86_64
native system, I'm having trouble getting Epiphany to work, apparently
due to a Bonobo issue of some sort.

My GNOME is 64 bit, with 32-bit compat libraries installed where yum
decided there was a dependency for them. One of these cases is the
browser - I have both Mozilla and Firefox installed from the i386 FC3 to
enable 32-bit plugins, in particular Flash (besides, I don't see a huge
benefit in running a 64 bit web browser anyways). Both of these work
just fine. However, Epiphany will not start due to an error:

> Bonobo couldn't locate the GNOME_Epiphany_Automation.server file. You
> can use bonobo-activation-sysconf to configure the search path for
> bonobo server files.

I managed to make it run by running "sudo bonobo-activation-sysconf --
add-directory /usr/lib/bonobo/servers". However, doing this will cause
another error in the next log-in, as GConf/Bonobo-activation/something
will not start, causing all panel applets etc to die. Sorry, I don't
have that error message copied, as I don't care to repeat the problem.
It's possible to recover by removing the directory above from the bonobo

Adding both /usr/lib/bonobo/servers _and_ /usr/lib64/bonobo/servers
won't help. Ephy will work during that login session, but the next login

Any advice? Is it possible to mix 32/64 bit Bonobo components within a
GNOME session?

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