pleasetestme.patch (+3672 lines, -4778 lines)

Hi all,

I'm uploading a patch for Epiphany (1.4.4 release, or the current CVS
stable branch). After applying it make sure you have run autoconf and
automake before trying to build. The URL is:

This patch is not intended for people to do a code review. It is too
large (adds 3672 lines, removes 4778 lines). It is instead for people to
test and see if they like some of the user visible changes. It includes:

      * My modifications of the bookmarks UI (hierarchical menus, etc.)
      * My modifications of the egg toolbar code (including changes to
        make it *really* easy for extensions to add tool items at run

Some specific items:
      * Fix for bug 143714: toolbar editor should be unique per window
      * Fix for bug 137056: Dragging, but not dropping, a URL to the
        bookmark toolbar still adds bookmark
      * When bookmarks or topics are dragged to the toolbar, a space
        allocation is now shown for them (same as regular tool items).
      * New tool items which allow you to add a bookmark or topic to the
        toolbar (a single user interface for adding stuff to the
        toolbar! yay!)

Anyway, please try it out and tell me of any usability problems. Just
again, this patch won't go in to Epiphany in it's current form. It is
just too big to be reviewed, and I wouldn't wish that task on anyone. I
will have to break it up, which will be a pita, but that's my fault. :)
But I won't do that until I know which bits people like/dislike.

If someone does have an interest in a specific bit of code (like the
bookmarks menus, or the egg toolbars code, feel free to skim the results
of this patch).


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