Announcement: An open source release of Linux/Gtk+ -version of Apple WebCore

An open source release of Linux/Gtk+ port of WebCore/KHTML rendering
engine and reference browser from Gtk+ WebCore -project.

Gtk+ WebCore -project releases pre-alpha version of Linux/Gtk port of
WebCore/KHTML rendering engine and a reference browser implementation.
Released components include KJS javascript interpreter, KHTML rendering
engine, Qt porting layer, WebKit API for embedding and a reference
browser for demonstrating the functionality of the other components.

This is port is based on Apple Computer, Inc. WebCore, which provides a
lean rendering engine and an open source alternative to Qt-based khtml
rendering engine. This port combines the khtml's excellent design and
standards compatibility with improvements from Apple's WebCore.

Port is released under BSD-license, including original LGPL-licenses
from KDE and BSD-license from Apple Computer, Inc.

For a full release announcement, see:

Project home page:


Project work is done at Nokia Research Center as part of ongoing
internet browser-related research activities. By releasing the source we
hope to support open source communities interested in using KHTML
rendering engine component.

We are interested in feedback of other developers. If you find our
project interesting and are considering testing out, using or extending
it, feel free to contact us.

   * Petri Salmi      petri salmi nokia com
   * Kimmo Kinnunen   kimmo t kinnunen nokia com

Kind regards on behalf of NRC Open Source Browser -team,

Petri Salmi and
Kimmo Kinnunen

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