Re: Epiphany on Windows (cygwin) [was: Re: ask for a question]

El dom, 03-10-2004 a las 01:21 +0200, Christian Persch escribió:
> I've just learned of GNOME for cygwin
> [], it looks like it has most of what is
> required. Mozilla should build with cygwin, and with the patch from the
> bug referenced above,so should gtkmozembed. It looks like a (cygwin)
> windows version of Epiphany is just a matter of someone investing a few
> days/nights to actually do it :)

Maybe interesting for someone:


Alberto García Fernández
algarcia telecable es

P.S.: My apologizes to Crhistian Persch, for send to him a message and
not to the mailing list.

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