Re: Comparison with other browsers

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 14:30, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> I'd like to get feedback about stuff epiphany lacks (or implements in an
> inferior way) in respect to other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, IE
> ...).
> What is the feature you really missed after you swicthed to epiphany ?
> What keeps you from (fully) switching ?

>From the top of my head, the only thing which I could think of would be
the more "direct" bookmark editing of Firefox. I'm mainly talking about
the boomarks toolbar (the only kind of bookmarks which I use regularly).
It's a pain to open the bookmarks dialog first and then search the
appropriate bookmark again, everytime I want to make a small change. So
it would be great to have a context menu on each bookmark on the
bookmarks toolbar. Similarly, it would be nice if I could create a new
topic using the context menu of the bookmarks toolbar, because going to
the bookmarks dialog to do this before filing a new bookmark is also
extremely inconvenient. While this doesn't happen often, it often keeps
me from adding a new bookmark, simply because I don't have an
appropriate topic for it yet (I'm a lazy person).
This should all be in the spirit of "direct manipulation", which is
encouraged by the HIG. :)
For example I'd often like to add a "temporary" bookmark, which I only
need while I'm working on a small project or maybe just to find it back
after a reboot, but the inconvenient bookmark handling usually keeps me
from doing it, as it would be more effort than gain. :/ I even catched
myself dragging a link to the desktop instead of filing a bookmark,
because that was more convenient...

Oh, and a nice and easy to install web developers extension probably. :)


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