Re: Comparison with other browsers

Tom Duffy wrote:
- alternate color to new tab indicating if it has been read yet (like

Yeah, that would be nice.

- save session on exit (even without crash or logging out)

There's a valid reason *not* to have this: Epiphany doesn't *have* an "exit". But an extension for saving sessions could be cool; I've thought about making one before.

- on-the-fly image resizing (ala IE)

Epiphany already does this... doesn't it?

- option to turn off open in new window in links when left clicked (if I
wanted that, I will middle click)

There might be something in about:config which does that. If not, there should be; it shouldn't be an Epiphany preference, but an advanced Mozilla one.

Adam Hooper
adamh densi com

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