Quicker remote operation through CORBA?


I use Epiphany 1.2.x on my Debian system. I have a 1GHz machine, but using 'epiphany --new-tab url' is rather slow to load up a window, presumably because it must load the 1Mb+ binary and link it to its shared libraries before turning to the task of finding whether an instance of epiphany is running. (A side issue, the new tab should be but is not selected, even though --noraise is not given.)

I remember in Gnome 1 programs could communicate with one another using CORBA. I believe this feature is still around in some transformed form in Gnome 2, so I was wondering whether there was a simple way to use this (in a shell script if possible, or a small binary if not) to implement a faster way of asking an existing epiphany process to load a URL? (BTW I know this is NOT the basis of gnome-moz-remote, which I think uses a Mozilla-specific interprocess communications protocol.)

Thanks for any suggestions..

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