Re: Epiphany 1.3.2

* Marco Pesenti Gritti <mpgritti oltrelinux com> [Jul 15, 2004 20:30]:
> That's probably a more general issue with tab sizing. I think ideally
> epiphany sizing should be like mozilla/firefox (tabs autoadapting
> instead of going out of screen). Unfortunately that doesnt appear to
> be possible without gtk changes, so it will have to wait a bit ...

That's terrible behavior.  It's one of the main reasons I never stay
long with a new firefox release.  I get 10 pixel wide tabs that are
impossible to use...not very user friendly...considering my browsing
habits anyway.

Your temporary solution, where tabs autoadapted until some boundary
condition where they went off-screen was OK I guess, but I guess you
reverted that for exactly that reason (given above),

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