Re: Bookmark behaviour

On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 23:22, Christian Persch wrote:
> This is by design. The goal was to allow presentation of imported
> hierarchical bookmarks (from Mozilla/Firefox/Galeon/etc) without giving
> up our native, keyword based bookmarks system. Althoughin hindsight we
> should probably have chosen a different separator than '/'...

Now I understand the purpose of ensure_folder in ephy-bookmarks-menu.c!

A few design Qs:

Does this mean that, after importing bookmarks from Galeon, if I try to
add a bookmarks I'll be presented with a list of topics like
"Reference/Programming" and "Reference/Constraints" ?

Looking at the code in ephy-bookmarks-menu.c, if I choose to rename one
of the above topics to "Reference/Coding" I don't think that will be
reflected immediately in the bookmarks menu. I've been using
ephy_topic_action_new in my patch because the created action has a
topic_child_changed_cb to immediately reflect changes in the topic name.

I'm not trying to be rude, and I understand what's trying to be achieved
here. But if Epiphany wants to support hierarchical bookmark structures
in the sense that other browsers do, then this should probably be
reflected in the way the EphyNode class is used and not just in the way
the bookmarks menu is constructed.

Note: I still support the topic-based approach, and I'll continue to
maintain my patch as long as Epiphany uses it. But trying to support a
'stop-gap' measure for other browser fans like this really messes up my
code. :(


Peter Harvey <pah06 uow edu au>
SITACS, University of Wollongong

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