Re: Form manager

Marco Pesenti Gritti a écrit :
On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 16:49, Jean-François Rameau wrote:


i can't figure out why my epiphany (1.2.3) doesn't record form fields ? Is this a mozilla (1.6) config problem ?

I think we disable it because it sucks without a way of deleting that

Does this mean that mozilla doesn't expose some interface to make that job ?

Btw, mozilla has a usefull form manager (save form, fill form, edit form). Is there some plans to implement this manager (perhaps an extension like certificats ?).

Not sure. For epiphany base I'd want something much simpler then mozilla
manager. (I wonder how Firefox does this)


Firefox 0.8 has just a Options->Save Form Information->Clear button and a check box to save or not forms. That'sall. It is a little bit simple imho.


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